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We did our first 5K! I had never been in a race before and thought the Color Me Rad race would be a perfect first, since it’s not really serious and mostly just about having fun and getting dirty!  (They don’t even time it.) We started off all clean, nervous and a little chilly. Our team (Greg, Vada, Josh, Lindsay and me) wore matching white Press Press Merch hoodies and the colorful sunglasses we got in our race packets :) 5,200 people showed up at the Virginia Tech campus to participate – the place was packed!

We ran a little bit, but mostly just walked quickly (and Vada rode her trike.) We were really excited about arriving at our first color bomb spot where we got sprayed with yellow. Next was blue powder, then we were sprayed with green… and eventually ended up completely filthy and colored from head to toe in a rainbow of colored cornstarch! Vada even got it in her mouth at one point and ended up with blue teeth. It was hilarious!

It felt so good to cross that finish line and accept my well-deserved granola bar. Even though we didn’t run, I’m still proud of us for getting out there and doing it! Now that I’ve broken the ice, I can see myself doing more 5Ks in the future. I’m still not sure I’ll ever be able to actually run one. Maybe another silly one like a mud run? We’re definitely doing Color Me Rad again next year! ♥

The only thing Vada wanted to do alllll weekend was to take the car to the carwash, but it kept raining. I love the rain when I’m not obligated to leave the house. Typing that sentence just made me realize that I am actually obligated to leave the house today. Almost every single morning I say to myself, “Today is the day! I am not going anywhere. I’m going to have a lazy day inside.” Ha! Maybe tomorrow? Maybe not though. I actually like running around doing stuff – it keeps me happy. What I would like though is for both girls to take a nap at the same time so I could take one too. That would rule.

At least when Vada’s napping (and when it’s only Liza and me up in the middle of the night) I can sneak in some adult television. I just finished watching the first season of Girls on HBO, which I totally loved. I actually looked forward to waking up at 3 or 4am with the baby so I could watch it… I can’t wait for the next season! It took me a while to decide what to watch next. I was thinking Boardwalk Empire but decided it might be a little too violent for middle-of-the-night, all-by-myself viewing. So I finally landed on Mad Men, which my friend Lindsay suggested. I used to watch it when it first started, but I stopped for some reason and when I tried to start watching it again I had absolutely no idea what was going on. I’m looking forward to the drama!

I’ve also been entertaining myself by listening to Harry Potter audiobooks. (Which has almost caused me to start using British phrases that would make me sound ridiculous in the U.S. Like yesterday I thought to myself, “Where are those bloody scissors?!” Uhhh….)  I’ve taken two trips to my parents’ so far this summer and the books on tape audiobooks really help to pass the time. Although I started the series over when I got it on tape audio, I’ve actually read the first two books and part of number three, but I haven’t seen any of the movies. I wanted to watch the corresponding movie after I’d finished each book, but I can’t find the old ones available for rent anywhere. (I’ve checked Netflix, Apple TV and Redbox.) I guess I could wait until they all come out as a giant box set and watch all the movies in a row? What’s a girl to do? ♥

I had the baby blues for about two or three weeks after the baby was born and was really worried that postpartum depression would get me again, but it looks like I might have it beat this time around. We’ll see… I know it could still creep up on me, but things are just so different this time. I’m SO happy and my anxiety is in check.

Not having a colicky baby helps a LOT. I feel so much more confident this time just having the ability to soothe my crying baby. I’ve also been trying to be super responsible and go to bed early, sleep or rest when the baby sleeps during the day, (it seems like as long as I get a total of six hours of sleep in each 24 hour period then I’m good) and I make sure I take my vitamins, eat enough and drink plenty of water. I can definitely feel it when I start slacking in one of those categories – I turn into an overly sensitive crybaby. I take a shower and put makeup on every day. I don’t let myself get too stressed out about not being able to get everything done. (Hello messy house!) I know from experience now that it’s impossible to do it all with a newborn. I also get out of the house a lot, sometimes without kids!

Greg has been the BEST helper.  He does a little bit of everything and makes my life so much easier. It feels like we are more in love than ever. It’s funny how you think you can love someone as much as you possibly can, and then somehow it finds some room to grow even more.

Sorry to be so mushy! Can’t help it. Also, hopefully this post makes sense. I’m still pretty tired most of the time and my brain can fail me. Like tonight when I said “21th” as in “twenty-oneth” … ♥

Vada had her very first ballet lesson yesterday afternoon and she LOVED it. Parents weren’t allowed to watch but we could hear everything and it sounded pretty hilarious. There was a lot of of stomping and jumping, running around like butterflies and yelling “HAPPY!” When the class was over, she ran around from behind the big curtain and yelled “I HAD FUN, MAMA!” It looks like we’ll be signing up for the next round of classes!

We also signed Vada up for preschool starting in September. I can’t believe all of this stuff is happening already! It’s so bittersweet watching your babies grow up. Sometimes you wish you could stop the clock, but at the same time it’s so fun to watch them blossom into their own little people. ♥

I’ll be 39 weeks on Friday. I feel gigantic, my feet are swollen, my back hurts and I can’t seem to sleep anymore (what’s up I’ve been awake since 3:45am!) so I’m starting to get a little impatient. I’m normally a great sleeper, so I don’t know what to do when I’m wide awake all by myself in the middle of the night for hours. Insomniacs, what do you do? Should I go downstairs and start watching Netflix? Clean? Cook? Work on a cross-stitch project or something? I usually just lay in my bed Googling stuff or playing word games on my phone trying to make myself drowsy.

Last night during my unslumber (yeah, just made that word up) I learned that I should eat around 2200 calories per day while breastfeeding! That seems like so much. I also learned how I should enter breast feeding into My Fitness Pal. I’m super gung ho on nursing successfully this time, since I didn’t produce like, anything with Vada and she was starving and not gaining weight regardless of me nursing her pretty much non-stop. I think that most likely happened because I wasn’t consuming enough calories. I would always forget to eat. A lot of times I just… don’t get hungry. I’ll just feel like shit all of a sudden and by then I feel too yucky to want to eat. It’s stupid.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. Hopefully we’ve made some progress! Last week I was at 2cm, which was exciting because I was only at a 2 with Vada after hours of consistant, hard contractions. So far I’ve only had a few “good” contractions here and there, but nothing exciting.

Everything is pretty much in order and ready, so I feel like I kind of just wander around cleaning things and staring into space all day, just… waiting.

Besides the impatience, I’m still feeling really positive about this pregnancy and about having a newborn. Sometimes I get a little nervous about the whole labor/delivery thing, but most days I’m just excited to meet this little girl. I’m feeling like I might not have to deal with stupid PPD again. I plan on asking my doctor tomorrow to sort of harass me about it at my postpartum checkup. Last time I lied and said everything was fine when really I was totally sad and my anxiety was through the roof! Last time was a really, really big (HUGE) change from my normal life, though. And I mean, obviously it will be a change adding a newborn to the mix, but at least I have an idea of what to expect. With Vada, I went from working in the public and living with a bunch of roommates to being pretty much all alone, all the time, completely inexperienced as a mother with a colicky infant. It wasn’t good. I think I’ve got it this time, though. And if I don’t (you never know what those crazy hormones will do) then I’m not afraid to ask for help.

I’m looking forward to this weekend, hopefully the last one before baby gets here. If she decides she’s ready to hang out this weekend, I’m into that, too! I’m ready for the next phase. ♥

PS – Tomorrow this tiny tater tot turns THREE!!!

sweet dreams

I had always wanted to go to the Kite Festival since I moved to Roanoke about… I don’t know, eight years ago? But for some reason we never made it out there until this weekend! The weather was absolutely perfect and beautiful with sunny skies and a warm breeze. Perfect kite flying conditions, too.

The Kite Festival is basically a big, open field with a few vendors set up, a huge marked-off section where professional kite flyers perform, and a bunch of families just having fun flying kites. Super low key and relaxed.

Vada picked out a silly, pink jellyfish kite (probably because it looks like a Yo Gabba Gabba character) and we went off to the widest open space we could find to fly it! I was kind of nervous because I had never flown a kite before. Yeah, what the hell? I mean, I tried a million times to make kites and fly them in the backyard when I was a kid, but that was pretty much just me running back and forth through the yard as fast as I could dragging some taped up trash by a string… So I was kind of nervous and excited. I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to get it to fly, and extra worried that our kite would get tangled up with some serious, legit kite flyer’s kite that was 400 feet in the air and they would try to kill us. (There are some serious kite flyers.)

We got our little pink jellyfish into the air no problem and it was awesome! Kite flying can be super relaxing but also a fun little challenge when the wind starts to die down and your kite starts to fall. I brought some snacks and we spent about an hour out there having  a little picnic and taking turns with the kite. Greg got super serious about it (boys…) and wouldn’t leave until he got it high enough to let all the string out ( ! ) which I doubted he could do, but he proved me wrong. (Go Greg!)

We packed up when it got close to nap time, hit up the Earth Day Festival a few blocks from our house for a few minutes, and made it home just before the rain came. It was such a nice time, like something I’d imagine when I was young, dreaming about what it would be like when I had my own family someday. The perfect day. ♥

Things have been very nice lately.

We had a lot of visitors last week – Greg’s dad came for two days, my sister visited for a few, and my parents came for Easter weekend. I love having company and having people around all the time. Sometimes I wish we could have roommates again.

Easter was fun and a little bit lazy. I hid eggs all over the house for Vada to find throughout the day. Each one had some Hello Kitty stickers and one jelly bean inside. She loved it! Next year I think the Easter Bunny will be bringing Vada some granola and dried fruit, or maybe a DIY “Edible Arrangement” as her basket because apparently candy makes her psychotic. My mom made everyone these huge Easter baskets full of everything Easter-y. Vada ate some jelly beans and some chocolate eggs and stuff.. I’ve never seen her act SO CRAZY before, running around everywhere like a spaz. At one point she was just shaking her head around making weird noises. Then about 30 minutes later she completely crashed and then laid down on the couch. I donated most of the leftover Easter candy to the guys at Press Press, hopefully they like Peeps.

I’ve started getting things ready for baby a little bit more. (Only 9 more weeks until her due date!) I sorted through all of Vada’s old baby clothes and pulled out everything from 0-12 months. I put them in the wash and now I just need to fold them all up into her dresser drawers. I also ordered her a few new little onesies and summer outfits… Getting excited!

We planted a few veggies into our raised beds. It’s still a little bit too early here for the summer stuff like tomatoes and peppers (we had to cover the gardens last night for a freeze warning) so right now we’ve got cooler weather veggies: brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower and three different types of lettuce. They are still little baby plants, but seem really happy in their new home. I can’t wait to make a salad from lettuce we grew in our backyard! We also got a few herbs – chives, parsley, basil, dill and lavender. I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with lavender, but it just smells so good! I still want to get some mint and rosemary out there, too.

Greg’s still been working a lot lately (like until midnight every weekday and working weekends, too) but my nights haven’t been too lonely since I’ve been teaching myself to knit (again.) I’ve been practicing and practicing – it sure does pass the time. And it really relaxes me, too. I can see now why so many people knit. My ultimate goal is to get really good and learn to knit lacy stuff, like this pretty baby blanket. Lacy legwarmers would be super nice for wintertime, too. Are you on Ravelry? Will you be my friend?

My previous pregnancy rage seems to have turned into a sort of happy laziness. Not that I’ve been lazy at all, but I’ve just been… not trying to do too much. I guess a better word would be “leisurely.” And it’s really working out. Imagine that. ♥

We did everything this weekend. We spent a ton of time together as a family, which was just what we needed after a very, very long week of working too hard. (Especially Greg, who worked 8am-midnight Monday through Thursday!)

Friday night after work, we went out to Mexican with our friends Josh and Lindsay. The weather was so nice that we got to sit outside on the patio. We spent the night relaxing with some SVU, and I got to try out my favorite new product.

The next morning, we all got up early to get ready for a busy day. My mother in law picked Vada and her cousin Mia up to volunteer for Clean Valley Day. Greg headed off to the Taubman Museum of Art, where he spent the day doing screen printing demonstrations for the grand opening of the Children’s Art Venture exhibit. And I went for my monthly mani/pedi! (OPI – Pink Flamenco for the fingers and toes this time.)

When Greg got home, we all went to Menchies for frozen yogurt, which just opened up in Roanoke! I went to a Menchies for the first time at the Sewing Summit in SLC last year, and it was so adorable, I knew Vada would just love it. (She did.)

This morning, we all got up early again and Vada helped me make a big breakfast of pancakes, eggs and bacon. Vada has been helping me in the kitchen a lot lately, and it’s really fun and cute. She loves helping and I love that she loves helping.

After breakfast, we headed to Home Depot and got everything we needed to build a couple raised bed gardens in our backyard. I’ve been begging Greg to build them forever, and I couldn’t be more excited to grow some veggies this year! We finished up the beds and just need to fill them with compost this week, then we’ll be ready to start planting a few things next weekend. My parents will be here for Easter, and my mom is an expert square-foot gardener, so she’s going to help us out. I’mso looking forward to heirloom tomatoes. Mmmm….

Oh! And mama bird laid another egg! ♥