Vada had her first day of preschool this Wednesday! (I was so nervous dropping her off, like it was my first day of school or something…) They have this car line where the teachers come out to the car and take the kids and bring them into the school and then bring them back out to your car when you pick them up. It’s supposed to help build the kids’ trust in the teachers, and it’s pretty awesome. I was really worried that Vada would cry and freak out when the teacher came to get her, but she handled it like such a big girl! No crying at all. We went to orientation the week before, so she got to meet her teachers and see her classroom and everything, which I think definitely helped. She had sooooo much fun. Like the most fun ever. She’s already coming home singing new songs and telling me all about things they learned and won’t shut up about how she “LOVES PRESCHOOL!” It’s adorable.

Right now, she’s going three days a week, but I’m thinking I might try to get her in there Monday through Friday. It’s only four hours long, so we are still able to get some hang time in the afternoons and evenings. I don’t know, they just do so much there! And since she loves it so much (the day she didn’t go, she kept saying “I miss my preschoooooollllll…..”) I just feel like it would be great if she spent those four morning hours being enriched and having all that interaction with other kids rather than just hanging around the house or at Greg’s shop. Today they painted place mats, made applesauce and played on the playground! Come on. That’s way more than I can offer her in four hours right now since I’ve got the baby to tend to all the time. My original plan was to have her go three days a week this year and then five days next year, but I don’t know. We’ll see! I’m just so happy she loves it. I hope she loves school for a really long time. ♥


That necklace gives me butterflies! Too bad it’s WAY out of my price range. A girl can dream, right? Also, my sister originally purchased a similar pair of aqua cords from Anthro, but returned them once she found these Mossimo ones at Target for only $20! Just as cute but at a fraction of the price. I got a pair of studded loafers (Sam Edelman’s in black) earlier this year and almost returned them because I was a little nervous about them for some reason. SO glad I didn’t! The studded loafer trend seems to be everywhere for fall.

1. Jeffrey Campbell Martini Spike Loafer – Urban Outfitters

2. MBMJ Classic Q Shoulder Bag – Endless

3. Mossimo Supply Co. Courduroy Pant – Target

4. Beaded Phoenix Necklace – Anthropologie

5. Peplum Ponte Tank – Anthropologie


Vada has this little, pretty much indestructible digital camera that we got for her last year. I just uploaded all of the pictures onto my computer – hilarious! It’s so neat to see things from a three year old’s perspective. I hope she goes through at least a photography “phase” when she gets older. I think she’s got an eye for it ;)

1. Casper, our dog
2. Vada’s foot
3. Josh at Press Press
4. Some Nick Jr. and our dining room light
5. The Starbucks barista. Seeing this one made me laugh a lot because I remember her asking me, “Mama, can I take a picture of the guy?” :)
6. Snacks on the coffee table
7. Liza
8. One of her apps on the iPad
9. Me
10. Vada
11. More snacks on the coffee table with books and a baby bottle
12. Bentley at Press Press

I got Vada some new shoes for back to school! She needed new ones because her old ones were getting filthy looking and because all of a sudden her feet grew an inch over night. I swear, I put her shoes on her feet one day and they were fine, then the next day I could barely squeeze them on! These kids and their growing…

I actually got her two new pairs of Toms: the sparkly mary janes up there (which are the cutest ever!) and another pale pink pair of classics, but the pink ones came messed up. One was dingy looking like it had been worn in the dirt, which I would have tolerated (they’re just going to get dirty anyway) but the other one had blue pen marks all over the top! So weird. Anyway, those are going back.

Vada starts preschool in a couple of weeks and I’m both excited and nervous. I’m so excited for her to play with other kids a few days a week. I think she’s going to have a blast! I’m looking forward to hearing everything she learns while she’s there. They have music and Spanish classes every day, which I think is so, so cool. I can’t wait to see the cute artwork she brings home and to go watch their Christmas performance this winter, which is sure to be hilarious. But I’m also just a little nervous to see how she behaves. Will she be cooperative and listen and get along with the other kids? But what I’m most nervous about though, are things she might pick up from other children. Please, Vada, be a goody two-shoes! ♥

I have always envisioned myself as a stay at home mom. It’s what I’ve always wanted to be! But for some reason that vision totally skipped right over the infancy through preschooler period of my imaginary childrens’ lives. It was always more of me as a soccer mom/PTA-goer, toting around my elementary/middle schoolers. Bringing orange wedges to the game for all the kids to share. Brownie troop leader. Prepping Thanksgiving dinner with my tweens. Sitting around the table helping my high school kids with their science projects and proofreading essays. Making pancakes for everyone the morning after a slumber party.

Being the mom of a three year old has been hard. So hard. It’s probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life so far.  I have so many qualities that aren’t compatible with the three year old mindset. For example! I’m not very good at make-believe. I’m strict. I expect good behavior at all times. I enjoy having a very tidy house. Having a three year old leaves me feeling completely inadequate most days.

I don’t know, maybe if I could just focus on being the stay-at-home mom of a three year old and 9 week old, things would be easier. But for some reason I’m not content being “just” a stay-at-home mom. I, for some reason, insist on being a work-at-home mom with too many hobbies and aspirations. I have to have my own business and a part time job and a blog and make quilts and knit and be an aspiring photographer and cook! Which leaves me feeling extra inadequate, because I can’t devote the necessary attention to any one of my obligations.

I feel stuck, guys.

The only thing Vada wanted to do alllll weekend was to take the car to the carwash, but it kept raining. I love the rain when I’m not obligated to leave the house. Typing that sentence just made me realize that I am actually obligated to leave the house today. Almost every single morning I say to myself, “Today is the day! I am not going anywhere. I’m going to have a lazy day inside.” Ha! Maybe tomorrow? Maybe not though. I actually like running around doing stuff – it keeps me happy. What I would like though is for both girls to take a nap at the same time so I could take one too. That would rule.

At least when Vada’s napping (and when it’s only Liza and me up in the middle of the night) I can sneak in some adult television. I just finished watching the first season of Girls on HBO, which I totally loved. I actually looked forward to waking up at 3 or 4am with the baby so I could watch it… I can’t wait for the next season! It took me a while to decide what to watch next. I was thinking Boardwalk Empire but decided it might be a little too violent for middle-of-the-night, all-by-myself viewing. So I finally landed on Mad Men, which my friend Lindsay suggested. I used to watch it when it first started, but I stopped for some reason and when I tried to start watching it again I had absolutely no idea what was going on. I’m looking forward to the drama!

I’ve also been entertaining myself by listening to Harry Potter audiobooks. (Which has almost caused me to start using British phrases that would make me sound ridiculous in the U.S. Like yesterday I thought to myself, “Where are those bloody scissors?!” Uhhh….)  I’ve taken two trips to my parents’ so far this summer and the books on tape audiobooks really help to pass the time. Although I started the series over when I got it on tape audio, I’ve actually read the first two books and part of number three, but I haven’t seen any of the movies. I wanted to watch the corresponding movie after I’d finished each book, but I can’t find the old ones available for rent anywhere. (I’ve checked Netflix, Apple TV and Redbox.) I guess I could wait until they all come out as a giant box set and watch all the movies in a row? What’s a girl to do? ♥

Losing weight isn’t something I ever really have to think about. Luckily, I’ve always been one of those people who just kind of stays at the same weight no matter what I do. I pretty much eat whatever I want (within reason) and exercise here and there and manage to keep myself in shape. With that being said, when it comes time for me to have to lose a few pounds, I kind of suck at it. Dieting drives me crazy. When I restrict myself from eating something it just makes me think about it nonstop until I freak out and eat the entire bag of oreos (etc.) And I’m not really that into exercising. I like yoga because it’s relaxing. And I don’t mind doing the elliptical if I have someone to talk to or if something good is on TV. But I guess I’m going to have to at least temporarily change my habits to get rid of this baby weight.

I gained about 35 pounds during my pregnancy. (I weighed exactly the same at the start and finish of this pregnancy as I did when I was pregnant with Vada!) I dropped 20 of that in about two weeks just by… living? I don’t know, it must have been water weight. So now I’m left with 12-15 pounds of “leftovers” that I’m going to have to do something about. Exercise and calorie counting, here I come! I’m going to be using the MyFitnessPal app to help me keep track of everything. (Follow me! My user name is LindsaySzechenyi) Based on my current stats (5’5″/135lbs/29 years old/”lightly active”) I’m only supposed to consume 1310 calories per day in order to lose 1lb/week. That seems like I’d be starving to death, and I’m not really trying to torture myself, so I’m allowing myself an even 1600/day.

For exercise, I’m planning on doing yoga twice a week, a little weight training at the Y, and I also want to try running again. I suck at running and I really, realllllyyyyy hate it, but it’s one of those things that I’ve always wanted to master. I want to do one of those 5k Color Runs, so I’m going to be using the Couch-to-5k app to start training. I tried this once last year and was doing a great job until I managed to injure myself three weeks in. Things were smooth sailing on the treadmill, but then I tried running outside and ended up with patellar tendonitis. It sucked. I could hardly walk up the stairs! I don’t know why it happened, I have really great shoes that I was fitted for at a specialty running store and everything. Oh well, I’m trying again, so we’ll see!

Aside from the need to shed the baby weight, I want to make physical fitness a bigger priority in my life. I want to like to exercise. It feels good to be in shape. And… I want abs and surfer arms again. ♥