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I had my monthly doctors appointment today! Tomorrow I will be 25 weeks along in this pregnancy. Only 15 more weeks to go, yikes. This one has just flown by. So far, everything is looking good. I am starting to get some swelling in my feet already, which is a very serious bummer. Last time, my feet got so swollen they jiggled when I walked and you could press them and the indentation would stay there. For a few minutes. It was seriously disgusting. So I talked to doc about it and he says it’s because of all the pressure being put on my pelvic floor, especially since I am a smaller person and this is my second pregnancy. He recommended compression stockings and/or a maternity belt. Talk about sexxxyyyyy! I’m wearing old lady compression socks right now, but these are just “mild compression” and I think I need stronger ones… : / Ugh, I’m a pregnant freak.

I keep having dreams that this baby is born early or premature. Last night I dreamed she just kind of appeared next to me, although I guess I had somehow given birth to her because her umbilical cord was still attached. It was so nice and fun to hold her, but then they took her away and put her in one of those NICU bassinets, with tubes and wires coming out all over the place. Very sad and disturbing… it freaked me out!

Oh yeah, Vada is a surgeon now.

And we finally settled on a name for the baby! But I’m not telling… ♥

I love watching Vada paint and color. She’s so serious about it and it seems to really relax her. We did Valentine’s Day themed watercolors this weekend, which we later cut out into heart shapes to turn into valentines for all of her friends. ♥

+ high-res version

Every year, the salon I work for has a big anniversary party. This year marked our 6th, which I just realized means I’ve worked there for SIX years. Wow! I started there as a student/intern (shampoo slave), received my cosmetology license and became a stylist, joined the International Rusk Design Team and became a Rusk designer, and also worked as the Studio Retail Manager. Once Vada was born, I stopped doing hair but kept my retail position, which I still have, working mostly from home.

So, every year the salon hosts this big anniversary party, inviting the entire clientele to join us in celebrating another year of success. As hosts, we all get dressed in our best black dress-up clothes, so we all look super pretty and handsome. (I wore the same dress this year that I wore the last time I was pregnant at an anniversary party, ha!) For the past few years, it’s been held at one of my favorite restaurants in town. The whole place gets decorated in red and black with fancy lighting, there’s an open bar where we offer several “signature” drinks (a popular one this year was Beauty Serum – a fancied up cranberry & vodka,) and the restaurant caters a big table of delicious hors d’oeuvres. There are also several DJs and a dance floor. We do silly games and give away prizes. And this year there was a photo booth and caricature artist!

This year was especially fun, because at the last minute I decided it would be cool to bring Vada along. Originally, I had planned on just going by myself, because we didn’t have a babysitter and the party didn’t actually start until Vada’s bed time. I’m so glad I changed my mind because she was hilarious and had SO much fun non-stop dancing and running around with a couple of other little girls. We all had caricatures drawn – Vada’s is super cute, Greg looks absolutely nothing like himself, and I just look like… a freakish, more cartoon-looking version of myself.

We left at 8:00 so Vada would get to bed at a somewhat decent hour, so we missed about 3 hours of the actual party, but it was just a really good time hanging out with friends and coworkers who I don’t get to see very often. I’m looking forward to next year! ♥