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We did our first 5K! I had never been in a race before and thought the Color Me Rad race would be a perfect first, since it’s not really serious and mostly just about having fun and getting dirty!  (They don’t even time it.) We started off all clean, nervous and a little chilly. Our team (Greg, Vada, Josh, Lindsay and me) wore matching white Press Press Merch hoodies and the colorful sunglasses we got in our race packets :) 5,200 people showed up at the Virginia Tech campus to participate – the place was packed!

We ran a little bit, but mostly just walked quickly (and Vada rode her trike.) We were really excited about arriving at our first color bomb spot where we got sprayed with yellow. Next was blue powder, then we were sprayed with green… and eventually ended up completely filthy and colored from head to toe in a rainbow of colored cornstarch! Vada even got it in her mouth at one point and ended up with blue teeth. It was hilarious!

It felt so good to cross that finish line and accept my well-deserved granola bar. Even though we didn’t run, I’m still proud of us for getting out there and doing it! Now that I’ve broken the ice, I can see myself doing more 5Ks in the future. I’m still not sure I’ll ever be able to actually run one. Maybe another silly one like a mud run? We’re definitely doing Color Me Rad again next year! ♥

Vada has this little, pretty much indestructible digital camera that we got for her last year. I just uploaded all of the pictures onto my computer – hilarious! It’s so neat to see things from a three year old’s perspective. I hope she goes through at least a photography “phase” when she gets older. I think she’s got an eye for it ;)

1. Casper, our dog
2. Vada’s foot
3. Josh at Press Press
4. Some Nick Jr. and our dining room light
5. The Starbucks barista. Seeing this one made me laugh a lot because I remember her asking me, “Mama, can I take a picture of the guy?” :)
6. Snacks on the coffee table
7. Liza
8. One of her apps on the iPad
9. Me
10. Vada
11. More snacks on the coffee table with books and a baby bottle
12. Bentley at Press Press

Liza is four weeks old today, so I guess it’s about time I posted a proper photo of her! I took/edited this really quickly today while Vada was taking her nap, so I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. The bunny hat was the first thing I ever bought for her after we found out we were having another girl.

Things have been going smoothly with little Liza so far.  She’s super sweet and sleepy and content. She only cries a little bit and it’s usually pretty easy to console her when she does. She loves to be swaddled and rocked and snuggled. She looks so much like Greg! I think the first thing I said after she was born was that she has Greg’s nose :) She likes taking a bath and her hair sticks up all over the place after it’s washed, making her look even more like her daddy. Vada is starting to warm up to her and it’s so sweet to see her taking care of her little sister. I can’t wait to watch them grow up together. So happy! :) ♥

Vada had her very first ballet lesson yesterday afternoon and she LOVED it. Parents weren’t allowed to watch but we could hear everything and it sounded pretty hilarious. There was a lot of of stomping and jumping, running around like butterflies and yelling “HAPPY!” When the class was over, she ran around from behind the big curtain and yelled “I HAD FUN, MAMA!” It looks like we’ll be signing up for the next round of classes!

We also signed Vada up for preschool starting in September. I can’t believe all of this stuff is happening already! It’s so bittersweet watching your babies grow up. Sometimes you wish you could stop the clock, but at the same time it’s so fun to watch them blossom into their own little people. ♥

I can’t get enough of pink lately. Pink, pink, pink! It’s sneaking its way into everything, and has now found its way to the front  of the house.

Hydrangeas are my favorite flowers and I’ve always wanted two huge hydrangea plants on either side of the steps up to the front porch. I’ve tried planting these before and they didn’t do very well, most likely due to my neglect. I’m a much better plant owner these days, so I’m trying again. They are supposed to do best with morning sun and afternoon shade, which they won’t get where I’ve planted them, but they definitely won’t be getting full sun, so I think they’ll make it. There are also a million houses down our street that get the same sun/shade as we do, and they have huge ones. Keeping my fingers crossed & lots of water and love!

And just a little pink splash under our boxwood for fun.

I put my sewing machine and all my quilty patchwork works in progress away the other day in a nesting frenzy. I sew on the dining room table, and while I keep my things pretty tidy while I’m working in there (we have to eat at the table too!) it was just stressing me out a little bit having “stuff everywhere.” So I packed it all up until after baby gets here.

But I can’t just… not make stuff. So I’ve picked up my cross stitch again. It’s nice and small and portable and easy to hide away when I’m not working on it. And it’s fun to work on while laying on the couch with Greg while he watches TV.

I stitched up a super cute floss bobbin from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery’s Bobbin Party! pattern. This guy is going to make his way onto a zippy pouch once I decide to pull the sewing machine out again.

And I’ve picked up the lovely Winterwoods ABCs Sampler from Alicia Paulson again. I started with the boots because they are just the cutest ever! Everything about this kit is gorgeous. I especially love all the hand-dyed, variegated flosses. Everything Alicia makes is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. If you’ve never read her blog, you should. It’s one of my favorites of all time.

I’m putting this and a knitting project into my hospital bag for when baby decides to get here. I’m dreading my hospital stay for some reason. Maybe I’m just nervous about the whole labor thing. I’ve been in the very beginning of “active labor” for a few days and it hasn’t been very fun. It’s going super slowly and I’m really tired and yucky feeling, which is different from last time. I just want things to get going and to get on with it! Come on baby, I want to kiss you and smell your head! ♥