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Polaroid just came out with a new, really cool looking instant camera. It prints your photos out instantly like an oldschool Polaroid but also allows you to save and edit them before printing. That’s the best of both worlds right there!

How fun would this be at a birthday party? Set up a super cute photo booth, print the photos right there and give them away as party favors! Then post them all on Facebook or Flickr for everyone to see, and print extra copies later for your scrapbook. This thing is definitely going on my wish list!

The Polaroid Z340 – available at for $299 (with 10 prints) & $349 (with 100 prints) ♥

We finally got a snow day this winter. I was worried the snow would never come! Vada absolutely loved it. We didn’t get her any proper snow gear this year, so we just bundled her up in a bunch of layers and let her wear an enormous pair of snowboarding gloves. They looked hilarious but kept her little hands warm! She and Greg played outside for a long time building snowmen and throwing snowballs.

While I was editing these photos I started to feel all sentimental thinking about how there are only so many snow days you get to spend with your children while they’re still little. You only have so many opportunities to make great memories. Time just goes by so fast! I mean, flashback to this baby snow bunny… ♥

These photos by Emma Wood are just too sweet and make me so excited to have two little girls:

She has more beautiful photos of her (absolutely beautiful) children on her website, Emma Wood Photography, and you can also find her on

I’ve been a member of for a few months now, just lurking their forums and trying to absorb tips to help me get better at photography. (“Clickin Moms” feels so dorky to say!) It’s one of my life goals to be able to take really nice, quality photos straight out of the camera and to comfortably shoot in manual mode. So  as a birthday gift to myself, I registered for Shooting 101, which is supposedly “the best  darn beginners course ever.” Seriously though, people rave about it and I’m hoping this will take my photography skills up a notch or two. So, maybe you’ll see some less-crappy pictures around her over the next few weeks! ♥