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What I Wish I Was Wearing Today

Even when I’m dressing up, I don’t like to feel too “dressed up.” I guess for a number of reasons, but most importantly that I like to be comfortable slingin’ kids around. This outfit is something I’d definitely wear, but I’d replace the pretty top with one of Greg’s t-shirts while I was lounging at home, then switch right before I was ready head out the door.

1. “The World is Not Enough” Polish – OPI

2. Lucy Top – Anthropologie

3. BDG Painted Rose High Rise Legging – Urban Outfitters

4. The Transport Tote – Madewell 

5. Baka Flats – Anthropologie (I got these last week and they are great! They’re perfect for spicing up a lackluster outfit.)

That necklace gives me butterflies! Too bad it’s WAY out of my price range. A girl can dream, right? Also, my sister originally purchased a similar pair of aqua cords from Anthro, but returned them once she found these Mossimo ones at Target for only $20! Just as cute but at a fraction of the price. I got a pair of studded loafers (Sam Edelman’s in black) earlier this year and almost returned them because I was a little nervous about them for some reason. SO glad I didn’t! The studded loafer trend seems to be everywhere for fall.

1. Jeffrey Campbell Martini Spike Loafer – Urban Outfitters

2. MBMJ Classic Q Shoulder Bag – Endless

3. Mossimo Supply Co. Courduroy Pant – Target

4. Beaded Phoenix Necklace – Anthropologie

5. Peplum Ponte Tank – Anthropologie


I don’t know if it’s because there is nowhere to shop for decent clothing in Roanoke, Virginia, but real life shopping isn’t really one of my favorite things to do. I usually just end up frustrated and empty-handed. I do however looooove shopping online. The options are endless, I feel special when packages are delivered to my doorstep, and I get to try my new clothes on in the comfort of my own home.

Shopping for clothes while pregnant is just… torturous. Both online and for real. First of all, most maternity clothes are just hideous. Also, even the smallest sizes end up being too big on me. (I’m just pregnant, I haven’t turned into a giant.) And it just sucks having to spend money on clothes that you will only be able to wear for a couple of months!

And I guess I make it a lot harder on myself because I don’t feel comfortable wearing pants + shirts, only dresses or tunics with leggings… because my butt gets HUGE. My sister teases me and calls me Kim (as in the Kardashian.) Seriously, I am 17 weeks, I’ve gained 11 pounds, and it’s mostly in the rump. Ugh.

So what I end up doing is spending hours scouring all of my normal favorite shopping spots (Anthropologie, JCrew, Urban Outfitters, Madewell, ShopBop, etc.) for pretty, flowing tunics and dresses with empire waists… which for some reason just don’t seem to exist right now! Once I lose all hope, I move on to jewelry and bags to try to cheer myself up – they always fit. (Say hello to my latest dream bag, the MBMJ Dotty Snake Hillier Hobo, which I discovered at I’m not usually a polka-dot person, but something about this bag just feels right.)

So, super shopping friends, I need your help. If you see anything that you think might work for me, will you please point me in that direction? I’m getting bigger every day and only have about 4 outfits that I can make work. I’m running out of time and clothing, and I don’t want to be that pregnant sweatsuit-in-public girl. ♥