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What I Wish I Was Wearing Today

Even when I’m dressing up, I don’t like to feel too “dressed up.” I guess for a number of reasons, but most importantly that I like to be comfortable slingin’ kids around. This outfit is something I’d definitely wear, but I’d replace the pretty top with one of Greg’s t-shirts while I was lounging at home, then switch right before I was ready head out the door.

1. “The World is Not Enough” Polish – OPI

2. Lucy Top – Anthropologie

3. BDG Painted Rose High Rise Legging – Urban Outfitters

4. The Transport Tote – Madewell 

5. Baka Flats – Anthropologie (I got these last week and they are great! They’re perfect for spicing up a lackluster outfit.)

That necklace gives me butterflies! Too bad it’s WAY out of my price range. A girl can dream, right? Also, my sister originally purchased a similar pair of aqua cords from Anthro, but returned them once she found these Mossimo ones at Target for only $20! Just as cute but at a fraction of the price. I got a pair of studded loafers (Sam Edelman’s in black) earlier this year and almost returned them because I was a little nervous about them for some reason. SO glad I didn’t! The studded loafer trend seems to be everywhere for fall.

1. Jeffrey Campbell Martini Spike Loafer – Urban Outfitters

2. MBMJ Classic Q Shoulder Bag – Endless

3. Mossimo Supply Co. Courduroy Pant – Target

4. Beaded Phoenix Necklace – Anthropologie

5. Peplum Ponte Tank – Anthropologie


I got Vada some new shoes for back to school! She needed new ones because her old ones were getting filthy looking and because all of a sudden her feet grew an inch over night. I swear, I put her shoes on her feet one day and they were fine, then the next day I could barely squeeze them on! These kids and their growing…

I actually got her two new pairs of Toms: the sparkly mary janes up there (which are the cutest ever!) and another pale pink pair of classics, but the pink ones came messed up. One was dingy looking like it had been worn in the dirt, which I would have tolerated (they’re just going to get dirty anyway) but the other one had blue pen marks all over the top! So weird. Anyway, those are going back.

Vada starts preschool in a couple of weeks and I’m both excited and nervous. I’m so excited for her to play with other kids a few days a week. I think she’s going to have a blast! I’m looking forward to hearing everything she learns while she’s there. They have music and Spanish classes every day, which I think is so, so cool. I can’t wait to see the cute artwork she brings home and to go watch their Christmas performance this winter, which is sure to be hilarious. But I’m also just a little nervous to see how she behaves. Will she be cooperative and listen and get along with the other kids? But what I’m most nervous about though, are things she might pick up from other children. Please, Vada, be a goody two-shoes! ♥

Having nothing to wear post-baby is starting to bum me out now. It’s been almost a month since we brought little Liza home and I’m still wearing the same old dresses I’ve been wearing since I was about 7 months pregnant! It’s seriously shopping time, but I still have some “leftovers” where my baby bump used to be, so I’m on the lookout for things that can camouflage my middle. Comfort is important, too. Also, is summer over yet? Because I want to wear this outfit, but denim in 100+ degrees makes me start to sweat just thinking about it.

1. Jackie Tie-Bottom Top – Anthropologie

2. Leather Capri Sandals – JCrew

3. Citizens of Humanity Avedon Skinny – Anthropologie

4. MBMJ Padded Leather Shoulder Bag – Shopbop

5. Ray-Ban Classic XL Wayfarers – Nordstrom

6. Pirouette My Whistle Polish – OPI

7. Bright Pendant – Moorigin

I still have a little while until this baby is supposed to get here (I’m 38 weeks!) but I’m already dreaming about wearing normal clothes again. I know it will be a while before I get my waist back, and until my butt shrinks back to normal proportions, but I’m still having a lot of fun online “window” shopping and building my post-baby shopping wish list :)

I seem to be a little bit obsessed with pale pinks right now. And rose gold? I don’t know where that came from, I’ve never, ever liked it. Keep it dainty and pair it with some silver, though – swoon.

1. Rose Gold Wishbone Necklace – Little Hawk Jewelry on Etsy

2. MBMJ Classic Q Fran in Blush – Zappos

3. Wee Heart Ring in Rose Gold – Anthropologie

4. Barre my Soul Polish – OPI

5. Potrero Flatforms in Silver by Gee’WaWa – Anthropologie

6. Sundial Dress in Light Nectar – Madewell

There are sooo many clothes I’d buy right now if I wasn’t pregnant. I guess I’ll be getting by with new (bigger) bras and shoes for the time being. And I still need that necklace. ♥

1. Levi’s High Rise Skinny Ankle Jean – Urban Outfitters

2. On-Your-Toes Flats – Anthropologie

3. Kitana Hobo – Hayden Harnett

4. Mini Honeycomb Necklace – Rachel Pfeffer Designs

5. The Full Monty Polish – Butter London

6. Swivel Revolution Top – Anthropologie

Ummm, I’ll take one of each, please! I am in love with this entire outfit. It’s totally me – pretty casual and comfortable, but still fun and fashionable. (Wait, that’s me, right? Haha.) I love the wedges and could see myself wearing them all spring. And that bold bag really makes me happy. ♥

1. Berkeley Large Tote -12th Street by Cynthia Vincet – Shopbop

2. A.P.C. Madras Denim Tunic – Urban Outfitters

3. Incandescence Ring – BHLDN

4. Beckett Striped Evergreen Frames – Warby Parker

5. Jeffrey Campbell Pisa Wedge – Urban Outfitters