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Vada had her first day of preschool this Wednesday! (I was so nervous dropping her off, like it was my first day of school or something…) They have this car line where the teachers come out to the car and take the kids and bring them into the school and then bring them back out to your car when you pick them up. It’s supposed to help build the kids’ trust in the teachers, and it’s pretty awesome. I was really worried that Vada would cry and freak out when the teacher came to get her, but she handled it like such a big girl! No crying at all. We went to orientation the week before, so she got to meet her teachers and see her classroom and everything, which I think definitely helped. She had sooooo much fun. Like the most fun ever. She’s already coming home singing new songs and telling me all about things they learned and won’t shut up about how she “LOVES PRESCHOOL!” It’s adorable.

Right now, she’s going three days a week, but I’m thinking I might try to get her in there Monday through Friday. It’s only four hours long, so we are still able to get some hang time in the afternoons and evenings. I don’t know, they just do so much there! And since she loves it so much (the day she didn’t go, she kept saying “I miss my preschoooooollllll…..”) I just feel like it would be great if she spent those four morning hours being enriched and having all that interaction with other kids rather than just hanging around the house or at Greg’s shop. Today they painted place mats, made applesauce and played on the playground! Come on. That’s way more than I can offer her in four hours right now since I’ve got the baby to tend to all the time. My original plan was to have her go three days a week this year and then five days next year, but I don’t know. We’ll see! I’m just so happy she loves it. I hope she loves school for a really long time. ♥