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I can’t get enough of pink lately. Pink, pink, pink! It’s sneaking its way into everything, and has now found its way to the front  of the house.

Hydrangeas are my favorite flowers and I’ve always wanted two huge hydrangea plants on either side of the steps up to the front porch. I’ve tried planting these before and they didn’t do very well, most likely due to my neglect. I’m a much better plant owner these days, so I’m trying again. They are supposed to do best with morning sun and afternoon shade, which they won’t get where I’ve planted them, but they definitely won’t be getting full sun, so I think they’ll make it. There are also a million houses down our street that get the same sun/shade as we do, and they have huge ones. Keeping my fingers crossed & lots of water and love!

And just a little pink splash under our boxwood for fun.

I put my sewing machine and all my quilty patchwork works in progress away the other day in a nesting frenzy. I sew on the dining room table, and while I keep my things pretty tidy while I’m working in there (we have to eat at the table too!) it was just stressing me out a little bit having “stuff everywhere.” So I packed it all up until after baby gets here.

But I can’t just… not make stuff. So I’ve picked up my cross stitch again. It’s nice and small and portable and easy to hide away when I’m not working on it. And it’s fun to work on while laying on the couch with Greg while he watches TV.

I stitched up a super cute floss bobbin from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery’s Bobbin Party! pattern. This guy is going to make his way onto a zippy pouch once I decide to pull the sewing machine out again.

And I’ve picked up the lovely Winterwoods ABCs Sampler from Alicia Paulson again. I started with the boots because they are just the cutest ever! Everything about this kit is gorgeous. I especially love all the hand-dyed, variegated flosses. Everything Alicia makes is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. If you’ve never read her blog, you should. It’s one of my favorites of all time.

I’m putting this and a knitting project into my hospital bag for when baby decides to get here. I’m dreading my hospital stay for some reason. Maybe I’m just nervous about the whole labor thing. I’ve been in the very beginning of “active labor” for a few days and it hasn’t been very fun. It’s going super slowly and I’m really tired and yucky feeling, which is different from last time. I just want things to get going and to get on with it! Come on baby, I want to kiss you and smell your head! ♥

When we first moved into our house 4-5 years ago, it was a total dump. Completely disgusting… like, the bath tubs were black and there was hair inside the refrigerator. I spent days scrubbing the place before we even started moving in. But, we were young and poor with a tiny budget and somehow I managed to see through the filth and saw potential. We would fix-it-up! Years later, this place is starting to come together and feel like a pretty home.

We recently finished renovating our bathrooms. We still have a few little touchups and details to add here and there, but we are about 99% finished. I’ll show you guys the downstairs bathroom today. The before vs. after photos of this space are so drastic that it makes me laugh!

Now, this before picture is from when we FIRST moved into the house, before I even cleaned it. You can get a general idea of how the whole house looked based on these lovely pictures! Also, just a little note: we did a mini renovation (new toilet, sink, mirror, lighting and paint) very shortly after we moved in. So… here’s our bathroom BEFORE!

Nice, right? So, we did our mini renovation, which didn’t include the tub. We wanted to tile the walls, get new fixtures in there and reglaze the old metal bathtub. Greg was going to do it all himself (with what time, I’m not sure) but when we pulled those gross plasticky shower panels off the walls, we found THIS:

43/365 - Bathroom DemoThat’s when we decided to hire some professionals. After renovating the kitchen ourselves (which took MONTHS. Actually, it’s still not 100% finished…) we were both pretty over the DIY thing. Plus, Greg is so busy at work, it’s nearly impossible anyway. So we hired some wonderful contractors and they went to work! Here’s what it looks like now: (PS The bathroom is super small so it was really hard to take pictures.)

BIG difference, right? :) They boxed in the unsightly plumbing pipe and matched it on the other side of the sink for symmetry, which really brought everything together.

I’ve always wanted a really dark room, and was a little nervous when I picked the paint color, but I’m so happy I went for it because I absolutely love the way it turned out. It feels really clean and calm. And the way all the lighting and colors come together, the mirror becomes one of those magical ones that make you look prettier than real life ;)

Here are some specs, if you’re interested:
Wall Color: Soot by Benjamin Moore in Eggshell
Mirror : Custom
Light Fixture: Mercer Double Horizontal Sconce, Chrome Finish – Pottery Barn
Shower Curtain: Chevron Shower Curtain – West Elm (apparently it’s no longer available)
Rug: a wedding gift, from Anthropologie
Art: Charmaine Olivia
Frames: cheap-o Target frames, spray painted with Rust-oleum “Berry”

I’ll show you the new upstairs bathroom soon, which I also totally love. ♥

In lieu of a baby shower, a few of my friends decided to throw me a surprise dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant last week, which was really sweet and fun, and made me feel super loved and happy. (Thanks again, guys!)

At dinner, my extremely talented quilting and knitting buddy Dani surprised me with a knitted baby hat and one of the most special handmade gifts I’ve ever received in my life – an absolutely gorgeous baby blanket that she WOVE. On a LOOM. Everyone was completely floored when I opened the gift and told them that she MADE it. Look!

Pretty amazing, right? She couldn’t have been more spot on with the colors she chose, and i absolutely love the herringbone pattern. It’s made of the softest cotton and it’s the perfect size, I can’t wait to use it every single day. She wrote a blog post about it if you want to see how it all started out as just a bunch of strings!

Thanks again, Dani, I love it soooo so much! ♥

I’ll be 39 weeks on Friday. I feel gigantic, my feet are swollen, my back hurts and I can’t seem to sleep anymore (what’s up I’ve been awake since 3:45am!) so I’m starting to get a little impatient. I’m normally a great sleeper, so I don’t know what to do when I’m wide awake all by myself in the middle of the night for hours. Insomniacs, what do you do? Should I go downstairs and start watching Netflix? Clean? Cook? Work on a cross-stitch project or something? I usually just lay in my bed Googling stuff or playing word games on my phone trying to make myself drowsy.

Last night during my unslumber (yeah, just made that word up) I learned that I should eat around 2200 calories per day while breastfeeding! That seems like so much. I also learned how I should enter breast feeding into My Fitness Pal. I’m super gung ho on nursing successfully this time, since I didn’t produce like, anything with Vada and she was starving and not gaining weight regardless of me nursing her pretty much non-stop. I think that most likely happened because I wasn’t consuming enough calories. I would always forget to eat. A lot of times I just… don’t get hungry. I’ll just feel like shit all of a sudden and by then I feel too yucky to want to eat. It’s stupid.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. Hopefully we’ve made some progress! Last week I was at 2cm, which was exciting because I was only at a 2 with Vada after hours of consistant, hard contractions. So far I’ve only had a few “good” contractions here and there, but nothing exciting.

Everything is pretty much in order and ready, so I feel like I kind of just wander around cleaning things and staring into space all day, just… waiting.

Besides the impatience, I’m still feeling really positive about this pregnancy and about having a newborn. Sometimes I get a little nervous about the whole labor/delivery thing, but most days I’m just excited to meet this little girl. I’m feeling like I might not have to deal with stupid PPD again. I plan on asking my doctor tomorrow to sort of harass me about it at my postpartum checkup. Last time I lied and said everything was fine when really I was totally sad and my anxiety was through the roof! Last time was a really, really big (HUGE) change from my normal life, though. And I mean, obviously it will be a change adding a newborn to the mix, but at least I have an idea of what to expect. With Vada, I went from working in the public and living with a bunch of roommates to being pretty much all alone, all the time, completely inexperienced as a mother with a colicky infant. It wasn’t good. I think I’ve got it this time, though. And if I don’t (you never know what those crazy hormones will do) then I’m not afraid to ask for help.

I’m looking forward to this weekend, hopefully the last one before baby gets here. If she decides she’s ready to hang out this weekend, I’m into that, too! I’m ready for the next phase. ♥

PS – Tomorrow this tiny tater tot turns THREE!!!

sweet dreams

My old Modern Quilt Guild wasn’t quite making it as a group. Meetings were far away and people pretty much just stopped showing up for them. I really had fun at our monthly meetings and sewing days when people came, and it was frustrating me that people didn’t seem to be as into the guild as I was. Patchwork and quilting are some of my passions and having a Modern Quilt Guild in our area is something that’s really important to me. I love and need the camaraderie that comes with a guild. It makes me so happy to get together with like-minded people for a few hours a month and chit-chat about something that most people don’t really “get.” So, when the Southwest Virginia Modern Quilt Guild seemed to be on its very last leg, I decided I had to take action and my friend Dani and I started up the Roanoke Modern Quilt Guild. I made up a logo, we decided on our first meeting date, and I printed  some flyers and put them up all over the place. Our first meeting was in May and only five people showed up, but that to me was still a success. The meeting went really well! We decided what we wanted to focus on as a guild and everyone left feeling happy and inspired.

We held our second meeting last night and we now have two more new members! I couldn’t have been happier. We had a tasty potluck, a scrap swap, a zipper demonstration by Dani and we planned our “challenges” for our next meeting in July – a zipper pouch swap and at least one block each for the Modern Quilt Guild QuiltCon Block Challenge. It was really fun.

Our June challenge was to make a tiny quilted name tag. The only requirements were that it had to be small and should represent our guild in some way. I did mine really quickly the night before, so it’s nowhere near perfect, but still pretty cute.

I paper pieced the sawtooth star in the middle and quickly/sloppily embroidered my name with some pink Cosmo floss. The whole thing measures a little less than 5×5 :) Everybody did a great job on their name tags (I forgot to take a picture of everyone’s together!) and it was fun to see everyone’s personal spin on the project.

I’m really looking forward to next month’s meeting! If you’re in the Roanoke area and you’re into quilting, or if you’ve never even made a quilt block in your life but are interested in learning, please come to our July meeting! We would love to have you. More information can be found on our Facebook page. ♥

I’m still (very slowly) working on the baby’s nursery. All the necessities are there, it’s just the decorating part that needs work. I’d probably have more finished by now but I just haven’t been feeling very well lately. I’ve been all first-trimester queasy and exhausted. I asked the nurse about it at my last checkup and she said it’s most likely hormonal. Hormones are building back up in preparation for labor, which sometimes causes those first trimester symptoms again (although usually not as bad.) Fun… It’s ok though, it forces me to take it easy and rest. Mother nature is smart!

It’s also taken me a while to get going because for a long time I had no idea what direction to go in. I didn’t even know what colors I wanted. So I just keep adding, taking away, rearranging, finding new stuff, switching it around… It’s starting to come together a little bit better now.

Since we won’t really be using the crib for a little while anyway, I’m kind of using it as a big mood board. It’s a safe spot for all the extra decorations and art, and keeps the stupid cat from sleeping in there!

I need to get more frames so I can hang the rest of this art. (WHY can’t we have an IKEA closer than three hours away?) I’m also planning on constructing a mobile to hang over the crib. I have everything pulled out, just need to build it. If things go as planned, it should be really pretty. And I want to spice up the plain white curtains a little bit. Maybe add a rug, get a new ceiling fan or lamp, paint a small accent wall… and then I think I’ll be done.

Then maybe I’ll get the inspiration to finish Vada’s room! I can’t seem to figure out what I want to do in there. Decorating is hard. ♥